This past month I went on a disney cruise in europe.

First, we had to take a plane to Dover, Europe. It was one of the nicest planes we have been on. It had chairs that turn in to beds, a bar, huge t.v.'s, and much more. We finally got to europe and went to our hotel and got settled in. When we got settled in we went to the Dover Castle. The next morning we went to the White cliffs and from there we went to are ship. This cruise was called the repositioning cruise, on the Disney ship. The first stop was Cherbourg, We went to normandie it was ok but cry full and went to Pont du hoc. There was tons of holes to go in and out of it was really really fun. The second stop was Vigo, We did not go out (i really don't know why). Third stop was Lisbon, we saw the church, tower, castle, lighthouse, and discovery center. Forth stop was Cadiz, We went to Plaza Espana, Torre Tavira, Cadiz Cathedral, and Plaza de Flores (cadiz's open market). Fifth stop was Gibraltar, we went up the rock. We took a cable car to the top and there was tons of apes and then we walked down. I think it was a 3 mile or more walk down and it took forever but it was really cool because of the apes. We ended in Barcelona, at Barcelona we went to a church, a park, and a chocolate factory. I thought the chocolate factory was the best.

Then we got on our second cruise it was called the mediterranean cruise on the disney ship again. We started in Barcelona, then went to Malta. In malta we went on a disney tour and saw the blue grotto. It wasn't the best. Our second stop was tunisia, Africa. We went to the ruins, shopping place (it was crazy), and went to a village that had the most prettiest blue doors ever. Our third stop was naples, italy. We took a boat over to capri then we took a private boat around an island and stopped at different spots one was the blue grotto (it was amazing you had to get in a really tiny boat to get in), white grotto, green grotto (my dad got stung by a jelly fish), and cliff diving. our fourth stop was rome. italy. We went to the coliseum, trevii fountain, pizzas, saw a jewish synagogue (that was my favorite) and saw much more. our fifth stop was pisa, italy. we went to the leaning tower of pisa. our sixth stop was corsica,france. we didn't really see anything. our seventh stop was villefranceh, france. We didn't go out my mom and dad did though. last we ended back at barcelona and took a two planes back to californa. the first plane was 8 hr. in coach and the second was 5 hr. in coach :(. i loved my time in europe!

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