I went to hollywood this past week for a dance competition. The minis (my boyfriends back) got 1st place, gold, and got in the galley (the galley is where some dances that are really good get to go dance again). The juniors (funky fresh and the fly girls with little man) got 1st place, gold (hip to be square) platinum, and got in the galley. The teens (turn to stone) got a platinum (rough cut) got a platinum (a sneeze in time) got a platinum, and got in the galley. The seniors (9 to 5) got a platinum (the great escape) got a platinum (tango de tourista) got a platinum, got in the galley, and while in the galley got 1st place! Nationals at Co dance was really fun! I learned so much!

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    i love dancing that is my passion! :)