A couple weeks ago i a went to New Jersey to spend Thanksgiving with my family. Sunday my family went to see my grandma and aunt on my dad's side. We played tons of games and went to bed. me and my dad shared a really small bed a now my back really hurts :(. Monday we went to a see mega mind, see my uncle's house on my dad's side (he wasn't there), and drove to my uncle, aunt, and cousin's house on my mom's side. When we got there we jumped on there trampoline, accidentally broke a picture but we fixed it together, and went to bed. I slept with one of my cousin, girl named Kelle, and my brother slept with the other cousin, boy named danny. Tuesday i woke up to walk my cousins to the bus. Kelle couldn't get on the bus because they changed routes or something like that and the bus she was going to take wouldn't let her and her friends on the bus so my mom and me took her and her friends to school. Later Kelle got hurt in the eye so we picked her up 30 min. early. then we went to a place called bunny's but the were broke so we got sushi instead, it was really good. Last Kelle's friend stephen came over and we played basket ball, it was really funny. Then we went to bed. Wednesday my mom and I drove danny and Kelle to school and my mom and I drove back to the house.  My mom and dad took me to get chinese food and came back home. Then my uncle took my brother and me to Kelle's friend's house to play. Last my mom took me around town. Thursday (Happy thanksgiving) my whole family went to the macy's thanksgiving day parade. When we got home we had thanksgiving dinner, it was so good!!!!!!! Last my parents, uncle, and danny went to the jets game and left kelle, my brother, aunt, and me at the house to play. Friday we went to Funplex and my cousin won me over 4,000 tickets. That night my family had to go to a hotel for the night. Saturday we flew home. I love my family and hope you had a great thanksgiving.

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    i love dancing that is my passion! :)