Over spring break i went to Aruba. it was really fun...what i did there was para-sailing, me and my brother went up with a girl because we did not weigh enough but it was still fun. jet skiing, me and my brother are not aloud to drive it (you have to be 16) but we did anyway. tubing, the first time i went there was a big bump on one side and the other was not blown up enough so we fell a lot. the second and third time it was amazing. climbing rocks, that was OK i thought it was a little boring. saw people make aloe (that is the stuff that goes on your skin when you get a sunburn), it was a little boring too. a church (i am not catholic) it felt weird. haystack hill, i climbed 561 steps to get to the top of the hill and then it started raining half way up. the natural bridge, the original one is broken from a hurricane so there was a smaller one then the original version. ostrich farm, that was one of the funnest things because we feed ostriches and got to sit on them. the lighthouse, that was a pretty view but it was boring. that was my amazing trip to Aruba.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
p.s. i got my hair braided. 
4/17/2010 02:02:57 pm

I am glad you had fun. I can see why some of those things could be boring. Oh by the way your hair looks awesome

4/18/2010 04:03:20 am



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