A couple weeks ago I was in New Jersey.
    Saturday, we flew to New Jersey.
    Sunday, We spent the day with my cousins, aunt, and uncle.
    Monday, My cousin kelle went to sleepaway camp for a week and my mom, my brother, and I went to Toms river with our friends. In Toms River we went tubing and watched fireworks on the 4th of July.
    Tuesday, we went back to our cousins house.
    Wednesday, we went mini golfing with my cousin Danny and my uncle. It was so much fun!
    Thursday, my mom, my brother, and I went with our friends to New York. We saw Spider Man on broadway. It was great.
    Friday, we went to the Harry Potter museum and drove back to my cousins. My cousin Kelle just came back from sleepaway camp.
    Saturday, kelle, danny, my mom, my brother, and i went mini golfing and later we flew back home.

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    i love dancing that is my passion! :)