The past week I went to florida to see my grandma and grandpa. It was fun. The first day, we stayed at there house all day long. The second, stayed at the house. The third day, we stayed at there house all day long, but it was my grandpa's birthday. On my grandpa's birthday he got stressed out and had to go to the hospital on hist birthday! He is ok now though. The fourth day, we went to blizzard beach. It is a disney water park. I went with my friend solomon and the rest of his family, we had a blast. Oh and just saying it is one of  the best water parks ever! Then the fifth day, we went to busch gardens. Busch gardens is an amusment park. The rides there are so cool same with the animals. the sixth day (last day), we took an airplane back home. It was said saying good bye because i am all the way across the U.S and we hardly get to see them. Well i had fun in Florida. :)

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    i love dancing that is my passion! :)