This past weekend my dance team and i was at a dance convention. this is how it went. on saturday, we woke up and went down stairs at 7:30 to meet all the staff and warm up. ( we got split up into differnt rooms by age, i was in the junior room) then at 8:30 we had ballet with janice barringer. 9:30 lyrical with darryl retter. (break) 11:00 tap with keith cliffton. (lunch) 1:00 hip hop with brad taylor. 2:00 jazz with rhonda miller. 4:00 competition  time. i did three dances. all of them came in 1st place.

on sunday, we had at 8:30 lyrical with tommy alexander. 9:30 tap with rhonda miller. (break) 11:00 contemporary with joy spears. (lunch) 1:00 hip hop with brad taylor. 1:45 jazz with keith clifton. 2:30 more award. one of my dances one highest score in the pre-teen division. and i got reconized by rhonda miller, she is a very good teacher. 

This convention was so much fun!!!!!

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    i love dancing that is my passion! :)