The past 10/"11" days i have been on a cruise ship around mexico. 
   The frist day we went on the ship and got settled in. 
   The second day we were at sea. We went to the pool, played games and more. It was also formal night where you get dressed up and take pictures, ect. Also that night was the start of passover.
    The Third day we were at sea again. We had fun again. My parents went to palo (an adult only restaurant) for dinner while my brother and i had dinner together.                                         
         The fourth day we were at Puerto Vallarta. We went on a atv & zip-line combo. First we went on the atv's and rode through mud and water and saw pretty views. Then we went on 11 zip lines. On the last one i got to go upside down, that was really fun. Next we rode mules to get back up to the starting place. Puerto Vallarta was fun!  
          The fifth day we were at sea. In the middle of the day someone had a medical problem and needed to be brought to the hospital. So, we turned the boat around and went back to Puerto Vallarta. When we got him off board we headed back on our way to the next stop. That was a crazy day but still fun!      
          The sixth day we were at Manzanillo. We went to a beach called Playa La Audiencia. The beach was very packed and the waves were huge. We didn't stay long. That was an interesting day. At night it was pirate night. We did some limboing and dancing. Then mickey went on a zip line and fireworks went off. It was very very very fun! 
            The seventh day we were at sea. another fun day!
             The eighth day (easter) we were in Cabo San Lucas. In the morning we had a scavenger hunt for eggs in our room. That was fun! Then We went on a boat and saw the arch, rock formations, and a ton of sea lions. Then went to the beach afterwards. We found a sea horse and saw many fish.
              The ninth day we were in Cabo San Lucas again. We were going to go on more zip lines but the ship had to leave early so we cancelled it and just stayed on the ship. That night was semi-formal night. We took more pictures and had a ton of fun. This was also the last night of passover.
              The tenth day we were at sea. It was very fun. 
             The eleventh day we had to get off the ship. 
                          It was a fun vacation!  


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