About five weeks ago i went on a week cruise in Alaska.
    Saturday, my family flew to Seattle, Washington and drove 2 hours to Vancouver. Canada. Then we went to bed.
    Sunday, we drove to Whistler, Canada and went on a gondola that was almost 10,000 feet high. On our way there we stopped at a HUGE waterfall. It was really fun. Then we went to tea. Then we went to bed.
    Monday, We went to stanley park and saw totem poles  bridges and pretty beaches. Then, we went to walk on  suspension bridges, they were scary. Then, we went up a gondola and saw pretty views. 
    Tuesday, We went on the Disney Wonder. 
    Wednesday, We were at sea.
    Thursday, We were at sea and saw some pretty glaciers.
    Friday, We were at Skagway. We went on a helicopter and landed on a glacier 4,000 feet high. Then, we went on a bob cat up the glacier to a dog sledding facility. We went on a 15 min. dog sled tour, I got to mush it part of the time.  Then we went back on the ship.
    Saturday, We were in Juneau. My family rented a car. We went to see the Mendenhall glacier. It was really cool. There was also a big waterfall right next to it. Then we drove to see glacier gardens. It had upside-down trees and really pretty flowers. Next, we went to the salmon hatchery. We got to see fish swim upstream and into the factory. Then we went to see if we could see whales in the ocean, we didn't see any, but, the place we went to was really pretty. Last, we went to a salon. It was pretty cool, there were old fashion swinging doors. Then, we got back on the ship.
   Sunday, We were in Ketchikan. We went on a float plane. It took us through mountains and we landed in the water. It was so cool and very pretty. We also went to a lumber jack show. That was really cool too. My brother, Aj got to saw a block of wood in half with a lumberjack, he had so much fun. Then we got back on the cruise ship.
  Monday, We were at sea.     
  Tuesday, We got off the cruise ship in Vancouver and drove 2 hours to seattle. Then we flew home.
  It was a fun Vacation :)

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