i was just in santa clara for a dance competion. i did two dances hip to be square, it got a gold and critics choice award, and funky fresh and the fly girls with little man, it also got a gold. my brother did funky fresh too, my brother also was in my boyfriends back, it got a gold and 5th overall. there were also scolarships given out i got to the finals, it was really really fun. 3 other girls from the mini divison got it to, kendall, shayne, and shopie. in the jounior divison meghan and gabe got to the finals. gabe got a scolarship. in the teens it was ali kerner, ali kerr, tessa, billi, and kristina shad. in the senior divison jessie, nina, courtni, and dylan. it was really fun at NYCDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hope i did not write too much. -sabrina
4/1/2010 01:15:26 pm

That is so awesome.

4/11/2010 08:53:54 am

it was!!!!!


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    i love dancing that is my passion! :)