About a month ago I went on a cruise in the carribbean for my grandparents 50th anniversary. 
    On Friday, My mom, brother, and I flew out to florida. When we got there and went to our hotel we had dinner with our grandparents. We heard from or cousins, uncle and aunt that there plane got cancelled because of hurricane Irene. Then we drove back to our hotel and went to bed. 
    On Saturday, we woke up and heard that are cousins were going to make it :). Then, we got on the cruise ship. It is the biggest cruise ship at sea. It was 18 decks tall! After a long day we went to bed. 
    On Sunday.....
 About five weeks ago i went on a week cruise in Alaska.
    Saturday, my family flew to Seattle, Washington and drove 2 hours to Vancouver. Canada. Then we went to bed.
    Sunday, we drove to Whistler, Canada and went on a gondola that was almost 10,000 feet high. On our way there we stopped at a HUGE waterfall. It was really fun. Then we went to tea. Then we went to bed.
    Monday, We went to stanley park and saw totem poles  bridges and pretty beaches. Then, we went to walk on  suspension bridges, they were scary. Then, we went up a gondola and saw pretty views. 
    Tuesday, We went on the Disney Wonder. 
    Wednesday, We were at sea.
    Thursday, We were at sea and saw some pretty glaciers.
    Friday, We were at Skagway. We went on a helicopter and landed on a glacier 4,000 feet high. Then, we went on a bob cat up the glacier to a dog sledding facility. We went on a 15 min. dog sled tour, I got to mush it part of the time.  Then we went back on the ship.
    Saturday, We were in Juneau. My family rented a car. We went to see the Mendenhall glacier. It was really cool. There was also a big waterfall right next to it. Then we drove to see glacier gardens. It had upside-down trees and really pretty flowers. Next, we went to the salmon hatchery. We got to see fish swim upstream and into the factory. Then we went to see if we could see whales in the ocean, we didn't see any, but, the place we went to was really pretty. Last, we went to a salon. It was pretty cool, there were old fashion swinging doors. Then, we got back on the ship.
   Sunday, We were in Ketchikan. We went on a float plane. It took us through mountains and we landed in the water. It was so cool and very pretty. We also went to a lumber jack show. That was really cool too. My brother, Aj got to saw a block of wood in half with a lumberjack, he had so much fun. Then we got back on the cruise ship.
  Monday, We were at sea.     
  Tuesday, We got off the cruise ship in Vancouver and drove 2 hours to seattle. Then we flew home.
  It was a fun Vacation :)
New Jersey 07/19/2011
A couple weeks ago I was in New Jersey.
    Saturday, we flew to New Jersey.
    Sunday, We spent the day with my cousins, aunt, and uncle.
    Monday, My cousin kelle went to sleepaway camp for a week and my mom, my brother, and I went to Toms river with our friends. In Toms River we went tubing and watched fireworks on the 4th of July.
    Tuesday, we went back to our cousins house.
    Wednesday, we went mini golfing with my cousin Danny and my uncle. It was so much fun!
    Thursday, my mom, my brother, and I went with our friends to New York. We saw Spider Man on broadway. It was great.
    Friday, we went to the Harry Potter museum and drove back to my cousins. My cousin Kelle just came back from sleepaway camp.
    Saturday, kelle, danny, my mom, my brother, and i went mini golfing and later we flew back home.
The past week i've been at a dance nationals in hollywood. Sunday my brother had a rehearsal for an audition. Monday, My brother had another rehearsal and we both went to a dance jam and classes. Tuesday we both had classes again and my brother, Aj, had another rehearsal. Wednesday we had classes again, Aj had a rehearsal, and we did our dances to be judged. Thursday we had classes again, Aj had a rehearsal, and we had the galley and drove home. We had a lot of fun! DANCE :)
The past 10/"11" days i have been on a cruise ship around mexico. 
   The frist day we went on the ship and got settled in. 
   The second day we were at sea. We went to the pool, played games and more. It was also formal night where you get dressed up and take pictures, ect. Also that night was the start of passover.
    The Third day we were at sea again. We had fun again. My parents went to palo (an adult only restaurant) for dinner while my brother and i had dinner together.                                         
         The fourth day we were at Puerto Vallarta. We went on a atv & zip-line combo. First we went on the atv's and rode through mud and water and saw pretty views. Then we went on 11 zip lines. On the last one i got to go upside down, that was really fun. Next we rode mules to get back up to the starting place. Puerto Vallarta was fun!  
          The fifth day we were at sea. In the middle of the day someone had a medical problem and needed to be brought to the hospital. So, we turned the boat around and went back to Puerto Vallarta. When we got him off board we headed back on our way to the next stop. That was a crazy day but still fun!      
          The sixth day we were at Manzanillo. We went to a beach called Playa La Audiencia. The beach was very packed and the waves were huge. We didn't stay long. That was an interesting day. At night it was pirate night. We did some limboing and dancing. Then mickey went on a zip line and fireworks went off. It was very very very fun! 
            The seventh day we were at sea. another fun day!
             The eighth day (easter) we were in Cabo San Lucas. In the morning we had a scavenger hunt for eggs in our room. That was fun! Then We went on a boat and saw the arch, rock formations, and a ton of sea lions. Then went to the beach afterwards. We found a sea horse and saw many fish.
              The ninth day we were in Cabo San Lucas again. We were going to go on more zip lines but the ship had to leave early so we cancelled it and just stayed on the ship. That night was semi-formal night. We took more pictures and had a ton of fun. This was also the last night of passover.
              The tenth day we were at sea. It was very fun. 
             The eleventh day we had to get off the ship. 
                          It was a fun vacation!  

This past weekend i was in Santa Clara for a dance convention. On Friday, I drove up to Santa Clara for 5 1/2 hours. When we got to the hotel i got ready and went down stairs to go preform. I preformed 2 numbers, My junior- mini company combo and my junior company combo. The both got a Gold! the junior number ranked over-all In their division. On Saturday, I took classes with really good/fun teachers. After classes i preformed 1 number, My Teen-junior company combo. It got a gold! On Sunday, I took classes again with the really great/and energy teachers. After classes we had a show case. It was really fun. some dances preformed. That was really fun. On Monday, We drove back home. 
    That was a fun weekend!
This past weekend my dance team and i was at a dance convention. this is how it went. on saturday, we woke up and went down stairs at 7:30 to meet all the staff and warm up. ( we got split up into differnt rooms by age, i was in the junior room) then at 8:30 we had ballet with janice barringer. 9:30 lyrical with darryl retter. (break) 11:00 tap with keith cliffton. (lunch) 1:00 hip hop with brad taylor. 2:00 jazz with rhonda miller. 4:00 competition  time. i did three dances. all of them came in 1st place.

on sunday, we had at 8:30 lyrical with tommy alexander. 9:30 tap with rhonda miller. (break) 11:00 contemporary with joy spears. (lunch) 1:00 hip hop with brad taylor. 1:45 jazz with keith clifton. 2:30 more award. one of my dances one highest score in the pre-teen division. and i got reconized by rhonda miller, she is a very good teacher. 

This convention was so much fun!!!!!
Winter Break 12/23/2010
Happy holidays everyone! what are you doing this holiday season
A couple weeks ago i a went to New Jersey to spend Thanksgiving with my family. Sunday my family went to see my grandma and aunt on my dad's side. We played tons of games and went to bed. me and my dad shared a really small bed a now my back really hurts :(. Monday we went to a see mega mind, see my uncle's house on my dad's side (he wasn't there), and drove to my uncle, aunt, and cousin's house on my mom's side. When we got there we jumped on there trampoline, accidentally broke a picture but we fixed it together, and went to bed. I slept with one of my cousin, girl named Kelle, and my brother slept with the other cousin, boy named danny. Tuesday i woke up to walk my cousins to the bus. Kelle couldn't get on the bus because they changed routes or something like that and the bus she was going to take wouldn't let her and her friends on the bus so my mom and me took her and her friends to school. Later Kelle got hurt in the eye so we picked her up 30 min. early. then we went to a place called bunny's but the were broke so we got sushi instead, it was really good. Last Kelle's friend stephen came over and we played basket ball, it was really funny. Then we went to bed. Wednesday my mom and I drove danny and Kelle to school and my mom and I drove back to the house.  My mom and dad took me to get chinese food and came back home. Then my uncle took my brother and me to Kelle's friend's house to play. Last my mom took me around town. Thursday (Happy thanksgiving) my whole family went to the macy's thanksgiving day parade. When we got home we had thanksgiving dinner, it was so good!!!!!!! Last my parents, uncle, and danny went to the jets game and left kelle, my brother, aunt, and me at the house to play. Friday we went to Funplex and my cousin won me over 4,000 tickets. That night my family had to go to a hotel for the night. Saturday we flew home. I love my family and hope you had a great thanksgiving.
Family in NJ 10/08/2010
A couple weeks ago i went to go see my cousins, two uncles, and my aunt. It was the weekend of the jets vs. patriots game. On friday we really didn't do anything. On Saturday we went on my cousins trampoline and did a little skate boarding. On sunday me, one of my cousins, my brother, and aunt stayed home while the rest of our family went to see the jets game. When they were at the jets game we went to go see a movie, go skateboarding at a park, and more. later through the day we had to go to the airport. On monday we flew out. I miss them all ready! <3


    i love dancing that is my passion! :)